License: AP3852 Florida Board of Acupuncture

My job is high stress high-level I never tried acupuncture till I went to Dr. Rebecca. After several sessions I've completely distressed and able to focus and be more effective at work. I now have acupuncture at least twice a week. Dr. Rebecca is truly amazing!"

Service Received: Stress Relief

Reviewed By: Brian H.

Great experience with Indigo! I have had acupuncture in the past so I knew what to expect. Regardless, Rebecca walked me through the process and made my experience comforting and relaxing."

Service Received: Acupuncture

Reviewed By: Justin P.

I was in tremendous pain for two weeks because of a bulging disk in my neck. After my first session, I had great relief. For the first time I feel much better. Dr. Chicco is fantastic and I can't wait to go back. Prices are also very reasonable."

Service Received: Acupuncture

Reviewed By: Katie S.

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