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Indigo Acupuncture & Wellness is a holistic healthcare clinic that integrates the findings of western medicine and applies the Chinese Medical system to healing health issues. Treating symptoms alone is not enough for long term health. Chinese medicine can address the root, whether physical or emotional. We look at the whole person to find healthful solutions to quality of life through acupuncture, manual therapies, clinical herbalism, dietary and lifestyle therapy.

About the physician:

Dr. Rebecca Chicco, AP

Dr. Rebecca Chicco, DOM, AP is a NCCAOM nationally board certified and state licensed Doctor of Oriental Medicine, Acupuncture Physician, and board certified Chinese herbalist. She completed a dual degree of the equivalent of 7 years of academia in both a Masters of Science in Oriental Medicine, and a Bachelor of Professional Health Sciences at East West College of Natural Medicine. In addition, over 4 years of hands on clinical experience treating patients, and working in herbal pharmacies took place at three of the best clinics in Sarasota, St. Petersburg, and Tampa, Florida. Dr. Rebecca enjoys ongoing research in both western and eastern medicine to best help her patients and loves seeing them become happy and healthy. Chinese medicine has so much to offer…If no one has listened to your health complaints, or written you off that you can’t be helped, please call…No one wants to be sick. Compassionate care is most important, and she believes no one in poor health should be written off. Just because you haven’t found the solution yet doesn’t mean you won’t. Dr. Rebecca looks forward to helping you with your health!

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